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The History Behind The Lido Beach Casino Concrete Exposed By Hurricane Michael

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LIDO BEACH, FL (WWSB)- Hurricane Michael uncovered a piece of Suncoast history on Lido Beach.

A historian confirmed to ABC7 that pieces of concrete that litter the sand were actually part of the Lido Beach Casino, torn down decades ago.

Historian Jeff LaHurd has studied the history of Lido Beach Casino.

"It is kind of cool to see this part of it being uncovered," LaHurd said.

He said the casino was built in 1940 to help boost tourism, offering a little something for everyone.

"It became the hub of Sarasota's social and cultural life. They also had a lot of sporting events there, they also had an AAU swimming pool. Dancing, dining," said LaHurd.

But the fun came to an end in the 1960's.

"In 1964 the citizens voted  $250,000 to remodel it and instead of remodeling it five years later they tore it down," Lahurd said.

He said the demolition came as a shock to many.

"A lot of people were just dumbfounded when they found out  that it was being demolished," said LaHurd.

Especially because he said the reason for tearing it down was because the city claimed it was structurally unsound, which he said doesn't seem to make sense.

"I interviewed somebody who worked on the demolition and he said that the bulldozers were bouncing off of it it was so strong," said LaHurd.

But if the casino was torn down over forty years ago then why parts of the building's concrete just showing up now?

"They burned some of it I know that, I've seen the fire. And some of it they carted away, and then some of it they just dumped into the Gulf," said LaHurd.

And through Hurricane Michael's storm surge beach goers can relive a part of the past.

The City of Sarasota said they plan on removing the small pieces of concrete on the sand as part of their short term renourishment project, but will keep the big pieces there because removing them could create a bigger need for sand on the beach.

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