The Appeal of Terry Bradshaw

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Terry Bradshaw blew into town the other day literally shaking hands and kissing babies. He was here to raise money for our veterans, but it wouldn't matter if he was here to pump gas. People are drawn to this man with that "aw, shucks" folksy charm.

Terry Bradshaw, hanging at Captain Curt's Oyster Bar says, "I never took myself seriously. So, its very natural for me to intermingle with everyone."

Pittsburgh Steelers' fans are some of the most loyal fans in sports, and the fact that Terry won an NFL MVP and 4 Super Bowls will ensure that he will always be a patron saint of Pittsburgh. Still, even 40 years later, he just feels like he's one of them. Just a guy with feet planted firmly on the ground, like he was raised.

"I've been taught all my life that I am not that big a deal," explains Terry, who won 2 Super Bowl MVP awards, as well. "I've been taught humility. Truthfully, honestly, I have never felt like what I have accomplished was very personal. I could not have done it without the people around me. We accomplished it."

In fact, he feels about current stars, like his fans feel about him. Again, just a guy appreciating someone who is good at their craft.

"I'm not like a Tom Brady, or a Peyton(Manning), a (Dan)Marino, or an Elway(John). I'm not an icon," continues Bradshaw.

He has for years been in your living room with Fox's NFL show, and he has been in movies, TV shows, and he joins his singing daughter on-stage at concerts. He's like a real, live Forrest Gump. If Forrest Gump was rich beyond your wildest imagination, of course.

"I'm glad people think I'm just a normal dude, because I am. Really," deadpans Bradshaw. "Outside of having a net worth of over $500 million, and owning 5 jets, ya know?"