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4th dangerous intersection on the Suncoast

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MANATEE COUNTY (WWSB) - All week ABC 7 is counting down the top 5 Intersections on the Suncoast.

Just 8 miles away from the 5th dangerous intersection on University Parkway and North Lockwood Ridge Road is the 4th dangerous intersection on the Suncoast which is 14th Street West and 57 Avenue West in Manatee County.

This intersection compared to the 5th dangerous on University Parkway has a higher crash severity rate.

This means more speeding drivers are at this intersection making it a prime location for severe accidents.

Just on Monday afternoon a SUV hammered into a power pole just feet away from 14th St. West and 57th Ave. West. 

ABC 7 spoke with Trooper Kenn Watson with the Florida Highway Patrol, he tells us there are a few factors that contribute to major accidents and lots of traffic at the 4th dangerous intersection. 

"So we do have a lot of traffic there anyway and now we're in season. Within the next month you're going to see college kids back down for spring break so it's going to get worst before it gets better. FHP is going to try to educated everyone and let them know to take their time going through this intersection", says Trooper Watson.

Trooper Watson also mention other factors are distracted driving and violating the right away.

"These are people making a right turn on red without looking and pulling directly out in front of someone. These two are seen at this intersection most frequently and it's causing these crashes your seeing", says Trooper Watson.

Rick Leal, a 20 year employee of a gas station that sits right in front of 14th and 57th says often times he hears at least one crash a month. 

"Most of the accidents are during the day during good visibility which is surprising to me. Most people are impatient and the lights are very long", says Leal. 

Just like the 5th dangerous intersection, 14th Street West and 57th Avenue West is one of those roads that allow people to travel in and out of both Manatee and Sarasota Counties meaning there are a lot more cars on the road and a higher risk for crashes and accidents.

On Wednesday morning ABC 7 will continue special coverage on the top dangerous intersections on the Suncoast. Make sure you tune in at 5am for the 3rd dangerous Intersection.