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Suncoast businesses adapting to recent cold weather

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - On a normal day, owner of SurFit Rentals Aaron Pollard is giving lessons on paddle boarding and kayaking, but since last

Sunday, things have changed.

"All of a sudden, most people started leaving, so that contributes to this and the cold weather just knocks it dead. this place turns into a ghost town."

Pollard usually operates on Lido Key and says there's usually a drop in revenue for business when temperatures get this low.

"When it does get cold, even the hint of cold that's when people stop calling."

"We feel, oh it's raining or its really cold, no one will show up and to our surprise, they show up."

Over at Selby Gardens, the visitors are pouring in. The cold has kept visitors out of beaches and straight into their doors, but the primary goal is to protect their outdoor plants.

"What we do is cover them on site."

Director of Glasshouse Collections Angel Lara say many of these tropical plants can take the cold weather for a short period of time, but still need to be protected from not only cold, but wind.

"We do sometimes even sleeve our plants where we will cover the in some wintering cloths again to alleviate the wind so it's the wind that we are particularly worried about."

Even Jungle Gardens, one of Sarasota's tourist attractions has seen an increase of visitors due to the weather.  The key for staff is protecting their animals.

"We usually increase bedding for them, increase caloric intake for them and offer more food.  We also provide heaters, heat lamps and generators."