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Suncoast, America may be seeing 'Blue Wave'

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - After State Representative Margaret Good's recent victory, there's been a lot of talk about whether or not a blue wave is forming off the political coast. A political wave means an advantage for one party at the other party's expense. Right now, the Suncoast and America are seeing signs of a possible Democratic advantage or blue wave.

Often times a blue wave happens after a new President is elected. Typically there is backlash from the other party, and then they get energized.

It's possible that's what we are seeing now after Rep. Good's victory over Republican James Buchanan for House District 72.

The blue wave signs aren't just here on the Suncoast, they're nationwide.

Since President Trump was elected, across America, 37 state legislative seats that were previously held by Republicans have been flipped and now Democrats are in office.

"Opponents to to Trump's agenda and Trump himself are highly motivated and energized, and it's moving the dial," New College political professor Frank Alcock says. "Trump's base remains energized, but beyond his base, he might be losing his tepid supporters. That's what happened in District 72. That might not be reflective of what's happening everywhere."