Zimmerman pulled over with gun in car in Texas

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FORNEY, TX - A Texas officer pulled over George Zimmerman for speeding Sunday in Kaufman County, Texas.  During the stop Zimmerman informed the officer that he had a gun in the glove box.

Zimmerman was driving the same gray-colored Honda pickup that he was driving the night he spotted Trayvon Martin in his Sanford, FL neighborhood.

Zimmerman was pulled over at 12:54 Sunday on Highway 80 in Fortney, Texas, about 20 miles east of Dallas, according to CBSDFW.com.

He was given a verbal warning for speeding and let go.

According to ABC News, while on his cross-country drive it is legal for Zimmerman to bring his Florida licensed gun through Texas and even Arizona, though it is illegal for him to take it into California.

Zimmerman fatally shot 17-year-old Trayvon Martin during a violent encounter in February 2012 and was found not guilty for his murder earlier this month.