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82-year-old bride-to-be finally getting married after fiance spends 40 years in prison

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TALLAHASSEE, Fla. (AP) -- An 82-year-old bride-to-be will finally have the chance for her big day when her fiance is released from prison next month 32 years after they met.

Wanda Pate hasn't seen fiance David Monroe Goodwin in six years, but talks to him on the phone four times a week. Goodwin has spent 40 years behind bars for his role in the murder of four people in Florida during a drug smuggling operation in 1977.

Goodwin was initially sentenced to death even though he wasn't in the vicinity of the killings. He later received a life term and is due to be paroled May 2.

Pate says she never would have dreamed of falling in love with a prisoner, "but it happened."