Walt Disney World to raise minimum wage for employees

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LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. (WTXL) -- Walt Disney World is raising its starting pay for employees to $10 an hour.

The current starting rate of pay at the Florida theme park resort is $8.03 an hour. The $1.97 hourly raise is not expected to be immediate, but rather rolled out gradully over a two year period. Bloomberg

Business News reports the Walt Disney Company presented the plan to the Services Trade Council, a group of six labor organizations representing nearly 30,000 Disney World employes, or "cast members" as they're called. The two groups are scheduled to begin contract negotiations May 28.

The $10 an hour proposal is still short of the $10.10 rate the Services Trade Council was asking for, and shy of the standard federal minimum wage rate being pushed by President Barack Obama.

Bloomberg Business News reports Disney reported record profit of $6.6 billion on revenue of $45 billion last year from its TV networks, parks, studios and consumer products.

Disney also told the unions it wants to stop offering pensions to new hourly employees starting in 2016.

'This offer reflects our appreciation and care for our cast members and our commitment to providing a leading employment package,” Kim Prunty, a Disney World spokeswoman, said in an e-mailed statement. “We look forward to working with the union and engaging in constructive negotiations to finalize and reach a collective bargaining agreement.”