New report wary of Florida's economic future

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TALLAHASSEE- A new independent report concludes that Florida is falling behind much of the country in several areas, from high-wage roads to adequate infrastructure.  The study comes from Florida State University's Leroy Collins Institute.

Among the report's findings:

- Gas taxes remain flat with inflation, and with the rise of energy-efficient cars, people are buying less fuel.  As a result, gas taxes are eroding.  Gas taxes support transportation, infrastructure, construction and maintenance.

- From 2002 to 2012, state teacher salaries declined at the fourth fastest rate among the nation.

- Florida doesn't have a personal income tax.  Statewide sales and property tax revenue is vital, but proved volatile during the Great Recession. 

The 100-page report is rather ambitious.  We've provided the Collins Institute's full report under Links We Mentioned.