Jameis Winston's crab incident captured in internet users' memes

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Tallahassee, Fla. (WTXL) --  Florida State baseball suspended pitcher and Heisman winning quarterback, Jameis Winston, Wednesday after Leon County Sheriff's Office says Winston was issued a civil citation for shoplifting seafood from the Publix shopping center on Ocala Road.

Since the news broke that part of Winston's loot included crab legs, Internet users took no time in poking a little bit of fun at the Heisman winner and Photoshopped countless pictures of him.

The first replaces the National Championship Crystal Ball with a couple bunches of crab legs- Jameis's face says it all.

The second picture features his head on a crab's body, skipping down the beach.

The third picture is of Jameis Winston stiff-arming a Publix defender while securing a giant crab beneath his arm.

In addition to memes, fans are tweeting just as many puns, such as, this move of Jameis's was awfully "shellfish."

However, as long as he does his time and pays his fine, he'll be back on baseball diamond soon, says FSU Baseball coach, Mike Martin.