Florida Republicans hail Hobby Lobby Supreme Court decision

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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WTXL) Florida's Republican Congressional leaders are cheering the Supreme Court decision siding with Hobby Lobby.

The high court today ruled that Hobby Lobby and other similar companies have religious rights, and can opt to not abide by a provision of the Affordable Care Act requiring them to cover certain contraceptives.

“The Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision is a re-affirmation of America’s commitment to religious freedom and a reminder of why ObamaCare is such a flawed law that needs to be entirely repealed and replaced," said U.S. Senator Marco Rubio.

Florida's 2nd District Congressman Steve Southerland II echoed Rubio's sentiments.  “The Supreme Court’s ruling today is a victory for religious freedom and yet another blow to the President’s ill-conceived health care law," said Congressman Southerland. "As a man of faith, I believe the American people should never be forced to choose between violating their religious beliefs or violating the law."

The White House is considering its legal options in the wake of Tuesday's ruling.