Florida man fights to keep cookie-eating gator

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COCONUT GROVE, Fla. (WWSB) – A Miami man has been fighting for nearly five decades to keep his 13-foot pet alligator.

David Van Buren, 56, feeds his beloved alligator, Gwendolyn pizza and chocolate chip cookies and by the looks of the video he very much seems to enjoy it!

 The duo have been together for 47 years, since David was a 9-years-old boy. David even took Gwendolyn to college with him.

In the early 90s, the pair made national news when the state of Florida took Gwendolyn away from the retired firefighter in 1994. The case turned into a court room battled that was seen around the country. In the end, Gwendolyn was given back to David and returned to their home in Coconut Grove. 22 years later, Gwendolyn has grown to an astonishing 13-feet-long.

Recently, The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission began an investigation at the residency after receiving complaints about the alligator in David’s backyard. They say Gwendolyn is too large for the Coconut Grove yard. However, David says Gwendolyn is completely healthy and will do whatever it takes to keep his dear and close friend.