Fla. innovators talk about emerging wearable technology

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TALLAHASSEE, FL (WTXL) -- Innovators at Tallahassee’s Taltech Expo were talking about the latest and greatest devices.

WTXL ABC27’s technology reporter Morgan Moore spoke with local expert and she shows us why this is such a growing industry.

If you can believe it, the days of actually using your cell phone could soon be over.

Wearable tech is a multi-billion dollar industry and climbing.

And these gadgets could soon be coming to arm, or leg near you.

“The idea of wearable tech is that these devices don't hide in your pocket or your purse, but are basically mountain on your body so they have the capabilities of a smart phone but they have so much more access to data,” said Ryan Kopinsky, PhD. candidate in robotics at Florida State University.

And the number of devices keeps on growing.

Last month Amazon launched a “wearable tech” section to their online store.

By using a Bluetooth connection, these devices pair to your smart phone and can send and receive even more information.

“If you use them combined and have a synergy between them, you can really find it interesting contacts and find a lot of data on the user to improve their lives,” said Kopinsky.

One of my favorite pieces of wearable tech is the Pebble Watch. Every notification that comes in on your smart phone, shows up here on your wrist. So even if you’re not near your cell… you’re always connected.

“It looks like a normal watch, so I imagine a lot of people will be embracing that type of technology very soon,” said Kopinsky.

But these gadgets can go a lot further than just delivering your text messages.

Experts predict the technology available will revolutionize the health industry.

“You can go to the doctor and get your blood pressure or you can go to Publixs and get it measured, but if I can measure it on the fly and maybe is just my life cycle at that moment, that's really good,” said Kopinsky.

And something like the Myo can remove the need for any type of remote.

The arm band monitors muscle movements and let you control other devices with just a wave.

“Any device that has a Bluetooth connection can basically be controlled with muscles and that's just more natural than a mouse or glass screen that you're touching.,” said Kopinsky. “I really think that that type of technology that modifies behavior in that way really has a chance to do something good.”

Most wearable tech gadgets are compatible with both Android and iOS devices.

However Apple is expected to release its own smart watch later this year.