Venice Police arrest man believed to be the Venice Flasher

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VENICE, Fla. - The Venice Police Department has arrested a man they believe to be the Venice Flasher.

Around 5:30 Saturday evening a call came in for a man naked and masturbating at the south end of the Sharky's restaurant parking lot between two cars.

Within 5 minutes police officers were on scene. Restaurant employees say the man was running north down the beach. five minutes later one officer caught up and pulled his taser on the man. After a slow "compliance" he gave up.

Arrested is 50-year-old William Waldman Date, who matches the description (tattoo on upper right arm). Detectives say they are investigating to make sure he is responsible for all of the occurrences.

There are at least six. Three a week ago this Saturday. Two of those were at the beach. One of those was near the Old Venice Pub. Two Monday, both at the beach. One Friday near the train depot.

Waldman was read his Miranda rights and was initially talkative and then refused. He offered no explanation.

He now faces five charges of Indecent Exposure and one charge of Loitering or Prowling.

Detectives are thankful for phone calls from witnesses and the quick response from their patrol officers.