Venice High grad hits the road for contemporary gospel career

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VENICE, Fla. - We talk a lot about the amazing people who move here from all over the world to make the Suncoast their home. But what about the people who grow up here? Some of them are pretty amazing too, like one Venice High grad who's living his dream.

Joshua Price sang in the Venice High chorus and played in an amateur band. And now the album he just released has hit the top 50 on the gospel music charts, and he and his wife spent Tuesday driving to Nashville to promote it.

Out of love for his hometown, Joshua launched his new album Nothing Without You at the Venice Community Center.

It all started when he won a contest on Joy FM radio called Cell Phone Superstar. "The winner got to produce and record and master one full-length song at an amazing studio called Inertia Sound Studio in Lakeland with a producer named Conrad Johnson. And I took him this song called ‘Yahweh’. And Conrad loved it, so we ended up working on this song and it went so well we ended up saying ‘hey, let’s make a record’."

That led to the full length album, a gospel music album. "I would say it's like a contemporary rock kind of vibe. I'm also an acoustic artist, so there are a lot of acoustic tracks behind some of these more rocking type songs."

Joshua got involved in his first band at Venice High. "I was in the same band all four years here at Venice High School. It was a band called SS Legend. It was a punk rock type of thing."

At 18 he felt a calling to go into the ministry, and combine that with his music.

In 2008 he married his high school girlfriend, Deanna. "He was in the punk rock band when we first met, then we started doing ministry together. We helped out with middle school ministry and got to share music with students, and that grew as we dated, and then we got married," says Deanna Price.

She says Joshua got a job at a church in Texas, but still longed to take his message and his music on the road. So away they went. "We quit our jobs, we sold half of everything we owned, put the rest in a storage unit, and literally packed our car with a guitar, a bible, and a blue suitcase and started traveling across the nation to share the gospel through music."

And while Joshua takes the spotlight, Deanna keeps their ministry going behind the scenes. "When we're on the road, I do a lot of finances. I sell merchandise, and I also get to help and minister to whoever we are ministering to."

Everyone says they make a great team, this young Venice couple who're following their dream. And now with the release of this new album they may have just hit the big time.

You can download a copy of Nothing Without You from iTunes.