Venice flasher strikes again

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VENICE--He continues to strike, flashing his manhood at unsuspecting women all over Venice.

"I was so scared, it was disgusting," said one of his victims, "I couldn't watch."

This twenty-four year old victim doesn't want to show her face, but does want to share her story.

"I wanted to make sure he wasn't coming any closer so I kept my eye on him," said the woman.

She was able to snap a picture of the flasher as he committed his creepy crime just feet from where she was sitting.

"I would have never expected here," she said, "its hometown, small, friendly people."

She's also the one that received his calling card, a note asking if he could kiss her on the behind in exchange for money.

 "It's just shocking," she said.

   Cops hope the picture, which ABC 7 has aired all week, would help remove this guy from the street before he struck again. But he's still on the loose.

"It's just ridiculous why would a grown man do that?" asked Kathleen Gooch.

Police say sometime on Friday the man exposed himself again, this time to a woman at the Venice train depot, a spot where Gooch visits almost every day.

"To me if I had a taser I would taser him," said Gooch.

And recent postings on the Venice Scoop Facebook page indicate he also struck near the Venice health park on Friday. But the sheriff's office could not confirm that.

"Would have just never thought there was somebody here in this area that would do that, its just shocking," said the woman.