Two important archeological sites are located in Sarasota County

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NORTH PORT, FLA. – The Ancient Waters Foundation held their first public forum on in North Port on Saturday and 130 people showed up to learn more about two local archeological sites, Warm Mineral Springs and Little Salt Spring.

“This turnout tells me these sites are important to the community. It tells me people are excited about them and they are ready to hear about them,” said Jodi Johnson, Vice President of the Ancient Waters Foundation.

“They are very unusual in that their hydrology, their geology and then they contain very rare archaeology.”

Warm Mineral Springs is well known for its warm water with a high mineral content and also as an important archeological site. Lesser-known but also in North Port is Little Salt Spring that has also yielded important archeological finds.

“I want people to be excited about what they contain how rare they are and their potential,” said Johnson.

Dr. Uzi Baram, Professor of Anthropology at New College of Florida describes the springs as a window to our past.

“Both of them hold some of the oldest evidence of humans in North America going back past 10,000 years.”

Steve Kroski is the site manager for Little Salt Spring and says just below the surface water a deep cavern shaped like an hourglass still contains important artifacts.

“So at 90 feet underwater, on the ledge, there are extinct animals and wooden artifacts found,” explained Kroski.

He would like to see Warm Mineral Springs continue to operate as the health spa and public destination with Little Salt Spring operating as an ecological and archeological preserve and an educational destination.

Johnson says she hopes our community will take pride in these two important archeological sites located right in our own backyards