Triathlon coming soon

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Less that two weeks from now hundreds of tri-athletes will be hitting the Suncoast. Impacting area beaches, roadways, and the economy.

In the triathlon world "It's a big deal. A very big deal," says Local race coordinator John Letourneau.

At the end of October Revolution3 competitors are set to descend upon the Venice area. "Rev3 is a national triathlon. They have been competing throughout the year with a series of races for professionals. Prize purse will be $75,000."

Also set to be a winner is the Suncoast's local economy says Nicole Rissler with the Sarasota County Sports Commission. "We expect somewhere between 500 and 1,000 participants to come."

In one weekend a low estimate has a quarter of million dollars hitting the area. "The hotel rooms we are looking at in excess of 600 room nights."

It's not just the Venice area. The cycling portion of the race will take riders all the way into Englewood, North Port, and Port Charlotte.

The entire event is just over 70 miles with swimming and running centered near the pier and local trails. The bike portion makes up another 56 miles. "Down U.S. 41 onto route 776. Then they will traverse Manasota Key road. Then back up onto 776 all the way down south and back onto 41," says Letourneau.

Orange cones and signs are already beginning to pop up. Some lanes and roadways will be impacted. The organization has already signed up 500 local volunteers. A few more are needed. "We need volunteers. We need folks to come on out and just stand by the side of the road and make sure the athletes stay safe."

Also hoping to line the course with spectators. Thankful for the competition, the exposure, and the local impact. Potentially for years to come says Rissler. "We are just really excited for them to be here. Hopefully make it their home for their championship every year."

Rev3 will be airing the race on nationally syndicated t-v in the coming months.

Find more info on the race and how to volunteer by clicking here.