The Santa Claus: North Port Edition

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NORTH PORT - 'Twas several days before Christmas and down in North Port resides Santa, his reindeer and elves of all sort.

"Rudolph looked down with his nose and saw white, we came in for a landing and it wasn't snow at all, here it was Siesta Key Beach," said Nicholas Trolli, president of the Amalgamated Order of Real Santas, an organization of about 2000 real bearded gentlemen dedicated to the "joy of being Santa".

"They all are in different parts of the country and different parts of the world," Trolli said.  "Now you'll know the original Nicholas because he wears a very special ring."

So you might want to know what's it like being jolly old Saint Nick.  We had a chance to ask Santa several questions about his important role, such as his favorite part which to my surprise was not getting to taste all the wonderful treats.

"You can't imagine the love that you feel coming from a child as they're beaming and running toward you yelling 'Santa!'" Trolli said.

But like any job, there comes challenges.

"It tugs at your heart a little bit, when you have a child who asks you to bring back a relative who has passed on or get mommy and daddy back together," Trolli said.  "And I have to be honest with children and tell them that's not within my power."

What he does have power to do is get you your presents one way or another.

"I had a locksmith many years ago make me a magic key," Trolli said.  "And I can open any lock and come in the door."

But if you have a chimney, Santa said make sure it's clean.

"Mrs. Claus has been getting upset with me because our dry cleaning bill has been through the roof," Trolli said.

Of course, there's always the question of what list you're on.  For me?  Santa said I was in between.

"Oh i think that you're probably on the other list," Trolli said.  "The other list is for people who don't quite make the naughty list, or don't make the nice list either."