Suspect in 2010 Macy's theft finally arrested

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PUNTA GORDA, FL. - Charlotte County Sheriff's finally arrested a man Thursday who was wanted on an outstanding warrant for Grand Theft on Oct. 14, 2010.

Arrested was 29-year-old Jason Frank Hoxie of North Port.

A CCSO investigation led to Hoxie as the man who went into Macy’s at Town Center Mall in Port Charlotte, and walked out with a leather jacket and a garment bag valued at $660. Macy’s security followed Hoxie outside and when he saw he was being followed, he ran toward S.R. 776. Security saw him throw the jacket and garment bag into a dumpster and he continued running and got away. Security also saw something fall from the fleeing man’s pocket which was recovered; it was Hoxie’s cell phone.

Deputies at that time called Hoxie and advised him he was seen on Macy’s surveillance video and also had his cell phone in connection with the theft and needed to talk to him. Hoxie told the deputy he had information on drug activity that would land the deputy a promotion if he was willing to forget the theft investigation. The case was turned over to detectives who called Hoxie to come in to discuss the theft case. Hoxie also advised the detective that if the detective was willing to forget about the Grand Theft charge he would provide information that could get him a huge promotion.

Hoxie kept avoiding meeting with detectives and phone messages were not returned. Detectives met with Hoxie’s family members who said he had gone to California. Continued attempts were made to contact Hoxie but were unsuccessful. A warrant was issued for Hoxie’s arrest. More than two years later, Hoxie returned to the area and was arrested in Sarasota County on the outstanding warrant. He was transported to the Charlotte County Jail Thursday and charged with Grand Theft. He posted a $2,500 bond and was released.