Spin Depot closes again

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One of the few gaming establishments to open back up after new state regulations is now closed again. North Port police say "Spin Depot" still doesn't meet those new regulations.

The door is locked with a note taped to it. "It says that they are temporarily closed." Johnie Corn says she drove from Port Charlotte to play. She had heard the gaming location was back open. It was but for just a few weeks. "I know they have been having a lot of problems trying to straightened everything out."

Local law enforcement officials recently paying a visit. "The North Port Police Department believes the Spin Depot was not in compliance with the new regulations under the law," says Lt. Chris Morales.

More than 1,000 similar establishments across Florida were shut down by state law makers earlier this year. It's been reported that at least 40 of what some call adult arcades reopening with strict guidelines. Morales says some here are still not being followed. "The biggest thing we felt they were not in compliance with is that these games are basically a game of chance and not a game of skill."

The overall concern for the gaming establishments was a lack of regulation. That some were acting as a strip mall casino and paying out as little as 5% of what they were taking in. Perhaps even targeting seniors. "If you don't have regulations the gaming gets out of control."

Johnie says she understands the need for oversight but for the most part she says it's just harmless fun. "Some people go overboard but if you got $20 and you want to come for a few hours I don't see anything wrong with that."

Morales says they're now in charge of enforcement. "We don't have a say if you think it's fun or not. It's the law and we abide by the law."

Detectives say the Spin Depot has been cooperative and voluntarily closed its door until the issues can be resolved. Those like Johnie say they would like to see them back open soon. "I hope so. I like to play."

Those with Spin Depot didn't return our request for an interview Wednesday. According to their Facebook page they are close to reopening.