Search for 2nd flasher underway in Venice

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VENICE, Fla. - A second person may now be exposing themselves to women in Venice. Police recently arrested a man they say took off his clothes and performed lewd acts in front of women numerous times throughout the week. Now detectives say someone else is doing it too.

One of the new incidents happened Friday afternoon under the Venice Avenue Bridge,

A 15-year old girl says she was walking across the bridge when a man below on the bike trail yelled out.

"She looked down and a male exposed himself to her," says Sgt. Jason Adams with the Venice Police Department.

Then a 2nd incident just Monday near the north bridge by a man matching the same description. "A female jogger noticed a man standing on the side of the waterway park. She thought he was urinating in public. He turned around and exposed himself to her."

From the descriptions, police believe they are now looking for a white male in his 20's or 30's with brown hair standing around six feet tall. In both cases he was wearing blue athletic shorts. One witness said he was also wearing a red backpack at the time.

Those are much different descriptions than in the incidents reported last week, which landed a Deltona man, William Waldman, in jail. “The physical descriptions are completely different than what we had prior…the time frames of them. We account for the location and times of the subject. He was arrested and was in jail."

Waldman has been charged with five counts of Indecent Exposure in Public and one count of Prowling. He was arrested Saturday after being seen by five women naked and pleasuring himself in the Sharky's parking lot, which was the last in a string of sightings throughout the week. The previous Monday authorities say he even left a note soliciting two young women. Police were able to match one of his fingerprints with one found on that letter.

"You have to wonder when they are this close together what it could be. Strange incidents and coincidences happen all the time. Maybe this guy saw it on the news and wanted to get out and get his 15 minutes the strange way. We have no idea," says Sgt. Adams.

From the beach to the bridges, police are again on the lookout. “Starting from square one; we will get back out there and track him down."

Also last week, while undercover looking for Waldman, an undercover detective observed a man also exposing himself on Friday. He was also arrested and charged with Indecent Exposure.