Redo of golf course has sections underwater and eroding

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VENICE, FL - Underwater and behind schedule. That's what those with the Lake Venice golf course say about their new nine thanks to drainage issues. They're blaming contractors hired by the Venice Municipal Airport after larger safety zones were required there. A project which cost one and a half million dollars.

The course has 27 holes. For the past few months a third of them have been closed. The course is actually on rented airport property. A reopening scheduled for November. Right now though general manager Rod Parry says they're plagued with drainage and erosion problems. "I don't know where all the problems are. There is all this stuff at the end. You know how projects are at the end. I am at the point now that I am at my end. I need it to be open."

In one area a small lake has been created where there isn't supposed to be one. In the middle of the hole. Airport administrator Chris Rozansky says they are aware of the issues. "It became evident that the area is holding more water then the designer originally intended."

The recent record rains have caused a large pipe to rise up from the ground causing more erosion problems. A fix by the contractor was already tried once before. Rozansky says they'll keep working on it. "We thought we had fixed it once but it turns out we have to go back in there with a slightly different approach."

Those who frequent the course are ready for the rest to be open. "Always looking forward to something new. It would make play speed up a little I would hope," says a golfer named Dewey.

Rozansky says they're optimistic the problems can be corrected on time. "As a tenant of the airport we want to make sure that they are as successful as possible."

Hopefully in time for the winter season and all the winter players it brings says Parry. "At this point we would like to have it ready for them when they come back to play."

Rozansky says the contractor will back out to try and fix some of the issues first thing Monday morning in hopes of getting the course open on time.