Record collectors have new place to shop in Venice

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VENICE - They say if you want to succeed in business, follow your passion. Do what you love, and you'll love your job. One Suncoast woman has taken that advice to heart; but a lot of people are shocked to see the kind of business she has opened.

Danielle Wheeler has opened a type of store you rarely see these days: a vinyl record store. Many people say the product she sells has gone the way of the dinosaur; a thing of the past no longer relevant in today’s high-tech world. But many others are flocking to her store, thrilled by what she has to offer.

Wheeler, a young record collector in her 20's, was not even born when most of the records were made. She has crammed her store, Vintage Goodie, with what DJ's used to call oldies but goodies. "About 20,000 vinyl records in very good+ condition to near mint, and probably have a couple hundred of them sealed."

And she's always adding to her stock. Mainly I buy from collectors. Occasionally I get them from garage sales, but mainly collectors."

They're lined up just like the old days; you thumb through the rows upon rows of records, and some big hits from the past pop out.

And what are the hottest sellers today? "Anything by King Crimson, any of the Pink Floyd albums; Led Zeppelin is always nice, anything by The Kinks…any and all Blue Note.”

And if location is everything in the real estate business, condition is everything in the vintage record business. "Freedom Suite by The Rascals; it’s a gate-fold double album. If you find one of those in very good condition…typically be $2 or $3 each; but if you find one in near mint condition, it can be $10."

Wheeler says vinyl records are making a comeback. In 2010, 2.8 million sold. That increased to 3.9 million last year.

Wheeler says the reason she believes more and more people are returning to records: they sound better than CDs. "A lot of lows and ... A different way they were produced.”

Need something to play it on? Look no further. "We refurbish our turntables...perfect working condition."

And it seems like Danielle is onto a trend. Turntables were hard to find for a while, but Best Buy and Amazon just started selling them again.

Vintage Goodies is located at 234 Tamiami Trail South in Venice, just past the heart of Downtown Venice.