Possible twister, high surf leave their mark in Venice

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VENICE – In South Sarasota County Thursday, a few homes were battered by what some are saying was a twister reported near Syracuse Road in South Venice. High winds and waves have also battered the coastline there.

It was still really windy down there at 6pm. The south jetty here is closed as of 6pm, but the north jetty has remained open.

Earlier Thursday, homes on just basically one side of Syracuse Road saw the brunt; a few shingles ripped off, trees snapped in half, one on top of a car, another on a roof; a large tree nearby was toppled, blocking a street.

Residents there say it was quick and unexpected. “It had been on the TV earlier in the morning, telling us that this was going to be coming through, but we didn't expect it in Venice…like a train coming through,” said resident Allen Holt.

The north jetty has seen a bunch of surfers there Thursday, and lifeguards have been trying to keep them out of the water recently as you would expect a lot of rip currents out there.