Now hiring on the Suncoast

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SARASOTA COUNTY - With a lack of used home inventory, new home construction is rebounding and that means jobs. This week a builder in North Port is looking to hire nearly 40 workers, and the area's largest manufacturer is also hiring.

Englewood resident David McFadyen says it's been years since he could even apply for a good job in the building industry. "There just have not been that many positions open to even get your foot in the door and get an interview."

In the past few days however, David and more than 400 others have come out to a hiring fair at the North Port Goodwill. "The community has opened their arms to the notion of getting more employees in place," says Mary Filonuk with the Career Development at Goodwill.

"We have enough work right now to keep us busy for the next eight years," says Larry Osterman with International Sustainable Construction. The new company to North Port is looking to hire 38 employees now -- 100 within weeks and possibly hundreds more in the months to come. "There is an incredible workforce here. I have seen some incredible people come in here. They want a job. They want to work."

Down the road in Venice at PGT Industries, which makes windows and doors, more people are also being put to work since the first of the year. "To date we have added about 75 additional employees. 63 of them are actually working in the factory. About 12 were in support," says Debbie LaPinska with the company.

They say 17 more are starting within two weeks and have an additional 29 open positions. This last quarter the area's largest manufacturer posting more than three million dollars in profits. "We are a building products company, so it all ties in with that. We are starting to see repair and remodeling having a pick up too."

Much of the hiring is being done locally.  That's good news, says Filonuk. "They are going to make a lot of peoples dreams come true by being able to stay in the area and work."

Some positive indicators many like David have been waiting for. "I am hopeful."

Both local companies we talked to say not only are they hiring for what they need now but expect the need to grow.