More homes being sold and more move to the Suncoast

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SARASOTA COUNTY - It turns out April was the best month for home sales in the area since 2005. It correlates with new census numbers which indicate thousands moved to the Suncoast this past year. One of those areas which needs it and is seeing growth once again is North Port.

"You can still get a deal, but you have to act fast." Sanderling Real Estate agent Deb Bean-Guinto says the trend is upwards. Homes priced right in North Port are once again selling fast. "They go quickly. Usually within a couple of days. I've had some go within a couple hours."

As of Thursday, the now largest city in Sarasota County known for it's more affordable housing, has 394 of them for sale. Prices range from $34,000 to $794,000.

Deb says right now you can find your average house outside a gated community for around $125,000 to $150,000. Inside you're looking at $200,000 and up. Both of those numbers expected to rise throughout the summer. "It has gone up. We have seen a 10% increase in the last three months. Some of them are even higher than that."

She says there are fewer short sales and foreclosures to find. Especially anything under $100,000. "Investors are back. They are buying those up. You have to act fast."

Sales are also fueled by the fact more and more people are coming here. Just release U.S. Census data indicates last year our area tripled it's population growth rate. In Sarasota, Charlotte, and Manatee County you have 14,000 new neighbors. "A lot of foreign buyers as well for a second home because it is affordable. You get a lot for your money."

Reports show the Sarasota Association of Realtors had 1,017 residential sales in April marking the most since 2005. Just the 10'th time they passed 1,000 in a month in their 90 year history. "It is a totally different market now."

Of course a lack of inventory is prompting developers to build once again. At least six nationally known developers are now constructing in the area.