Memorial Day reflected upon in Venice

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VENICE, Fla. - Hundreds, if not more, came out Monday morning in Venice to remember those who gave all in service to their country.

The Venice area is known for its Veterans and their families.  That was evident at Patriots Park on Memorial Day as it was packed.

At 94-years old, World War II veteran John Busse remembers three close friends lost all those years ago. "Just honor those that passed away. My buddies, they are gone."


From 94 to 4 years old. Speeches, wreaths, and flags are outnumbered by those who come in droves to spend time reflecting. "A lot of folks come in from all over the country. A large percentage that come to retire here are Veterans. This is the least we can do to honor them," Says Venice Mayor John Holic.

Those who gave all fighting or have even slipped away in the years that have followed. "Memorial Day is not our day. It is for us to remember those of us that didn't come home. For us to remember our fallen comrades," says Vietnam Veteran Niles Pinney.

From World War II to conflicts like Vietnam, where service men and women didn't always get the respect they deserved. "It has changed a lot. It is a really good thing."

A common cause we can all be thankful for. A common cause those like John Busse know some have paid dearly for. "We were just fighting for a free country. That's what we want and that's what we are going to keep. No matter what."