Manhunt continues for accused cold case killer

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CHARLOTTE COUNTY - The hunt continues for a man wanted for murder in an 11 year old cold case in Charlotte County. Phillip Barr is facing first degree murder charges in the 2001 death of Tara Sidarovich.

Detectives are using old photographs of Barr to help catch him along with known tattoos. Ink is something they say they're using more to help fight crime.

The Charlotte County Sheriff's office, FBI, U.S. Marshals, and all other law enforcement agencies are trying to find the 43-year-old. "He may be purposely eluding law enforcement knowing full well in his mind this day would come," says Lt. Mike Csarella.

The Sheriff's Office releasing 11 different mug shots of Barr from previous arrests over the years. His next they hope if coming soon for the death of the 19 year old. Barr was one of two septic tank workers who came to her family's home back in 2001. She wasn't see alive again. Her remains were later found in a wooded area. Barr's last known residence was in upstate New York more than a year ago. However, he was arrested in Charlotte County as recently as 2008. "There is a distinct possibility that somebody may be in contact with him. Not knowing what the allegations are against him."

There are quite a few looks to Barr over the years but detectives say say there are some things much harder to change. The Sheriff's Office says they are using biometric data more and more. One thing they are documenting is tattoos to help in future crimes. "We record their photograph. Obviously their facial features and take the standard booking photos. Front and side. We will also document the specific tattoos."

Unfortunately the Department of Corrections did not take photos back in 2008. They did however note Barr's numerous pieces of art. Nine in total. A playboy bunny and a mouse on his back. His left arm has a tattoo of cards, a diamond, a cross, and the initials "JH" and another one with the letter "D". His right arm has "Ice Man", a spider, and a skull with wings. "It is a very valuable tool for us to be able to identify individuals who have inked their bodies."

Hoping someone out there might take notice. "We are very good at what we do. I think it is only a matter of time before we have him in custody."

David McMannus has also been charged in the crime. He was recently arrested in Maryland.. Authorities are working to bring him back to the Suncoast. If you know anything about Barr's whereabouts please call the sheriff's office at 941-474-3233