Local homicide case to be featured on Dr. Phil show.

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SARASOTA COUNTY - The death of a Suncoast man will be featured on a nationally broadcast television show. What happened to Alex Teehee of North Port will be the focus of the Dr. Phil show Monday.

Teehee's family says the 20-year-old North Port High School graduate was either hit by a car or beaten on the side of a Port Charlotte road in July of 2008. He later died at the hospital. "It has put a huge hole in a part of our life that we can't ever replace," says his Dad Tab Teehee.

Since then they have posted signs around town, they wear shirts, started a website, offered a $20,000 reward. Over the years ABC 7 has interviewed them numerous times as they struggle to get justice for Alex. Now they've taken their story to the Dr. Phil show.

The Teehee's were told not to conduct interviews until the show is aired but over the years they have discussed their frustration with local law enforcement and those in charge of prosecuting the case. "We are not giving up of course but it is getting a little frustrating."

The family says they believe they know who did it. One acquaintance of Alex is heard threatening his life on his voice mail hours before the incident.

They believe others may also have been involved. Authorities at one point extradited Ralph Loosman from Las Vegas on charges of vehicular homicide. Those charges were dropped right before trial citing a lack witness cooperation. "I am completely innocent all the way." Loosman has maintained his innocence. Including in an on camera interview ABC 7 conducted in August of 2010. Both he and his family are also involved in the Dr. Phil taping.

The Teehee's say a Michael Sylvester is believed to be the person on the voice mail and that a Matthew Tricarico may have also played a role. "When someone threatens to kill our son and then two hours later that has been carried out you don't think you need anymore than that."

The show is the latest soap box this family is using to get any help they can as the years go on and nobody has been brought to justice. A continued search for Alex, for them, and especially for the two young sons he left behind. "For Alex's sons if not for Alex. For those two little innocent boys who are left without their father."

The show featuring the Teehee case will air nationally this Monday 4pm local time.

The community is invited to watch a viewing of the show with the Teehee family at Buffalo Wings and Rings in North Port.