Juveniles charged with theft of animal skulls

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CHARLOTTE COUNTY, Fla. - Three Englewood-area teenagers were arrested and charged with Burglary and Grand Theft on Tuesday after detectives say they stole animal artifacts from a park visitor center.

Employees at the Cedar Point Environmental Park on Placida Road in Englewood discovered on Monday that approximately $1,800 worth of artifacts, including an alligator skull, sawfish snout, and a stuffed rattlesnake, were stolen from the visitor's center over the weekend.

Detectives soon located the stuffed rattlesnake body, a set of deer antlers, a small hog skull, a sawfish snout and a can of whipped cream inside a nearby office building. A park employee confirmed that those items were stolen from Cedar Point.

A fingerprint left at the scene matched with a 14-year-old Englewood boy.  Detectives later determined that the boy, along with two other area boys, was responsible for the thefts.

All three were booked into the Charlotte County Jail.  One boy was released to his parents, and the other boys were turned over to Juvenile Justice.

Detectives were able to recover the alligator skull, but three fossilized shark’s teeth that had been taken but were not initially recovered.