Home surveillance system helps lead to burglary arrest in Venice

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SARASOTA COUNTY - A woman's home on East Venice Avenue had been burglarized three times in recent months, so she installed surveillance cameras around the house. Wednesday, the thieves broke in again, only thanks to those cameras, the two burglars are in jail.

Shari Dembinski can sleep easy now knowing the two men linked to four burglaries at her home are finally in custody. In the past they got away with laptops, jewelry and TV’s. And those surveillance cameras may be the best investment she has ever made.

Wednesday afternoon, Sarasota County Sheriff's deputies arrested 38-year-old Kevin Hunter and 36-year-old Jason Adams, both of Valrico, Florida.

Detectives say earlier that day, the two men broke into Dembinski's house. When they fled, Dembinski's exterior surveillance camera picked up the license plate number on the getaway car.

“It's kind of nice to know who is coming up on your property when you aren’t home.” Dembinski installed the cameras after her home was broken into twice. When the burglars came back for a third time--the camera was rolling. Unfortunately, with the exception of a description, detectives had little to go on.

But this time around they got lucky. “I was definitely pleased with how quickly they were able to pinpoint where the guy was located once they ran the tag number. They found out who had the car, went to pick him up and questioned him.”

It's still unclear why Dembinski's house was targeted in the first place. She doesn’t know either of the men.

What she does know is that coming home and finding her things gone for a fifth time isn’t likely to happen again anytime soon.

Both of the suspects have confessed to the crime. They are being held without bond.