Home and Business Security Surveys for Charlotte County

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Did you know that, in an effort to improve the safety and security of residences and businesses, the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office has implemented a Home Security Survey and Business Security Survey program?

The residential program provides residents of the County the ability to contact the Sheriff’s Office and arrange for a Community Policing Officer to come to their residence and conduct an analysis of their current home security measures. We will address what is being done correctly by you and your family as well as improvements that can be made.

Business establishments in the County may contact the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office and have an analysis of their store or facility in the areas of crime prevention, security, workplace theft and workplace safety. They will have an opportunity to update emergency procedures as well as contact information between the business and the Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office.

The survey is free of charge and you will be provided with essential information to help protect you and yours.

To schedule a Business or Home Security Survey contact your local district office and ask for Community Policing. Alternatively call the main number 941-639-2101 or send an email to: Crimeprevention@ccso.org.

Prepared by

DFC Joseph Fiorini

Community Policing Officer

District 2