Hill found guilty in Brotherton murder trial

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**UPDATE** Jurors deliberated late Friday to reach the verdict that Charles Hill is guilty of Murdering SCAT bus driver James Brotherton in 2011.

Jurors deliberated over 6 hours to reach the verdict around 10pm Friday.

There is no word on when sentencing will take place.

SARASOTA - The trial surrounding the murder of SCAT bus driver James Brotherton has wrapped up, and the jury has been deliberating since around 3:30pm Friday.

This has been a week-long case. Charles Hill is accused of Brotherton’s murder in 2011, and took the stand on his own behalf earlier this week. The key piece of evidence is a video which appears to be someone who certainly looks like Hill behind Brotherton at an ATM just a few hours before he was found dead.

The defense says not only did Hill not pull the trigger, but he's not even the guy in the video. The state says the video speaks for itself and it is Hill, and the gun in his home shows that he is responsible.

33-year-old Hill is charged premeditated murder, robbery with a firearm, and kidnapping. Authorities say that on the night of November 21st, 2011, Hill woke up Brotherton while he slept in his car between shifts as a SCAT bus driver. At gunpoint he took Brotherton to withdraw cash from a Sarasota Bank of America ATM, where he was unable to get any cash. Hill then is believed to have shot him a short time later. Brotherton’s body was found the next morning on the side of the road near the Gulf Gate Library.

The Brotherton Family, they're waiting for justice. “We want justice of course for what happened to our son. And it’s been a long time coming. We are hoping that justice will be served, and the one who killed Jimmy pays the price. That's what we're waiting for.”

Brotherton is one of 10 children, and all nine of his brothers and sisters have been in the courthouse, Brotherton also has two children who are looking for justice in this case.