Grant approved to help North Port social services

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SARASOTA COUNTY - Families in North Port will continue to get all the support they need from the social services department. That's thanks to a grant of more than $50,000 that was approved Tuesday by Sarasota County commissioners.

North Port social services manager Zulma Solero was breathing easier Wednesday. “It’s wonderful, because without the staff we would not be able to do what we're doing right now."

Thanks to the grant, Solero will be able to maintain her staff at the same level it is now. “If we didn't have the staff people, we would not be able to serve as many families as we do right now."

Families that, due to the tough economy, are forced to ask social services for help.

It's a problem that seems to be growing. "The amount that we used to do this year as opposed to last year has doubled. Those families are having a hard time finding jobs and just making ends meet so we're able to help them out in a crisis," says Solero.

She says on average, her office receives about 400 calls a month from families needing some kind of help. Help that will continue to be provided, all thanks to Tuesday's grant.