Effects of last week's downpour remain in Venice

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VENICE-- The onslaught of rain from last week has past, but some of its effects are still lingering on. The city of Venice reports that there was approximately 10 inches of rainfall over the area during the two-day period of September 24th and 25th in which the sewer system became overwhelmed, causing a discharge from manholes in several parts of the city.

About 2,5000 gallons, 600 of which a vacuum truck recovered, escaped from several manholes in the 1100 block of Laurel Avenue, 400 block of East Venice Avenue along with the 700 block of Villas Drive. City officials say that some sewage may have entered area waterways, but that the heavy rain greatly diluted it. City departments have been keeping in contact with the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and the Sarasota County Heath Department regarding this matter.

But as such, the Venice Utilities Department is urging residents not to lift open any manhole covers or remove sewer clean-out caps. City officials say that when water from a storm drains into the sewer system to the point past its capacity, it can cause sewage to back up in buildings. Once the rain subsides, the storm water tends to drain quickly.