Deputies: Suspects shave heads to avoid burglary arrest

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PORT CHARLOTTE, FL. Charlotte County Sheriff's detectives arrested two men involved in a burglary and theft of a Port Charlotte home Wednesday in the 3400 block of Normandy Drive.

Arrested were 25-year-old Corey Lee Soares and 23-year-old Keith Leo Woods. Witnesses saw them in the act and before their arrest; both men had shaved their heads in disguise.

The Charlotte County Sheriff’s Office received a call at 9:46 a.m. from the victim who returned home and observed a man in her backyard. She and her passenger walked to the rear of the home, but the man had fled. The victim told detectives her laptop computer was missing and her television was moved to a doorway to also be taken. She said she met two men at Alli-Gators in Town Center Mall and invited them and many others to party at her home after the bar closed. One of the men, later identified as Soares asked to use the victim’s laptop to check his Facebook messages; he gave it back and the two men left. About 8:50 a.m. the victim received a phone call from Soares. She told him she had to go out and about when she would be back.

Detectives and deputies did a neighborhood canvass and located witnesses at a business to the rear of the victim’s home who said they saw an older model four-door car with two men parked behind the business. They gave a very detailed description of both men. They said one man jumped over a fence and walked toward the victim’s home; another man stayed outside the car. The other man came back from the home with a laptop under his shirt, got into the car and drove off leaving the other man behind; the car returned and picked up him up. The witnesses got the license tag number and gave it to detectives. A tag check showed the black 1991 Buick vehicle was known to be driven by Soares and a BOLO was issued. Detectives located the car at Soares’ home at 10:43 a.m. They talked to his sister and another woman who both refused to cooperate. Neighbors gave a time-line when the car being very loud and not in great mechanical condition had left and returned.

A search warrant signed by a judge was obtained and served. Upon entry, Soares and Woods were located inside home. Detectives said both men had shaved their heads. Based on evidence and witnesses statements, both were arrested and charged with Burglary and Grand Theft. They were taken to the Charlotte County Jail; Woods remains in jail on $7,500 bond while Soares was released on a $7,500 bond. This is Soares’ sixth booking; the third for Woods.