Deal with homebuilder creates new jobs at Venice window maker

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VENICE, Fla. - PGT Industries has just struck a deal with the most profitable home builder in the country. The local manufacturer of windows and doors says hundreds of new workers will be hired this year to keep up with demand.

It's big news for the local company which took a big hit when the bubble burst. It could also be a big deal for the local economy, as many will be put to work here.

PGT is teaming up with PulteGroup, the parent company of Pulte Homes, the second largest home builder in the country – and the most profitable.

Initially the deal has PGT providing their windows and doors for 1,200 planned homes in South Florida. "We hope this swings into the entire state of Florida once we show how we perform," says Todd Antonelli with PGT.

The deal will bring an increase of revenue of up to $4 million for one of the largest employers in Sarasota County. It also means more jobs. "We have already hired over 200 workers, and we have applicants that are applying daily. We are encouraging the workforce out there to come to PGT."

Right now they need to fill 100 full time jobs with benefits.

"I look forward to building with this company going forward." Ron Clarke just filled one of those positions. He says after being in the job market recently things are turning around. "I think the job market is improving. I think it is pretty good. There was a few different places I interviewed before I came to PGT. Now I am here."

And even more jobs might be on the way down the road. “I would expect that in the next two years we will go to 1,500 employees, which will have a good impact on the local community from a housing perspective, from a shops perspective," says Antonelli.

At one point during the boom, PGT had around 2,000 workers before the bubble burst, so these are some good signs to recovery.

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