Cyber Monday pays off for Suncoast business

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SARASOTA COUNTY - Many people are using the keyboard and mouse to shop for holiday gifts on this Cyber Monday. Experts predict more than a billion and a half dollars will be spent on the one day. And there's one Suncoast employer who has plenty to gain.

Experts are predicting a 20% increase in online sales this Cyber Monday, and workers at Tervis Tumbler in Venice say they’re expecting to break their best day total. In anticipation, they've already hired an additional 180 workers for the holidays.

The orders were pouring into the factory Monday. "As soon as the consumer hits ‘place order’, it hits our system," says Mellisa Allen.

With more than 5,000 different designs and logos, workers at Tervis have to act fast. “We are working on getting these orders out as fast as we possibly can."

All of the organized chaos was coming to a head on what has come to be known as the #1 online spending day. "Cyber Monday continues to be our largest day of the year. It has held that throne if you will for the last four years and counting," says Allen.

With an estimated $1.5 billion dollars up for grabs nationally, companies are also offering deals. At Tervis on Monday, it's 20% off orders and free shipping until the end of the day.

The insulated product maker is using their other online methods to bring in the virtual crowd, with more than a quarter of a million Facebook fans and a new Tervis app. "It's important for a sales perspective as well as a brand exposure opportunity," says Allen.

All of it is good news for the local economy. Tervis now has more than 700 workers -- the most it has ever had. "We have brought in more people, not only to produce the tumblers, but answer the phone, respond to emails...we hit it across the board."

So certainly one local business is feeling the effects of Cyber Monday. And an added bonus is that people can shop local and help out the local economy while buying an American-made product helping out the national economy.