County taking bigs for hog hunt

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SARASOTA COUNTY--Sarasota county officials are looking for help when it comes to getting the county's wild hog population under control.

Officials are hoping private companies will be able to lend a hand in removing around 2,300 feral hogs.

"Very challenging, they're very elusive," said Jacob Horrocks when he described the animals.

He and his company, C&J Trapping, plan on submitting a bid to the county to hopefully win the job of removing the invasive hogs.

"They're very smart, they know whats going on," said Horrocks, who says the animals intelligence make them especially difficult to deal with.

They can figure out how to avoid and even escape some traps, wreaking havoc in the process.

"That will devalue the property that we're trying to protect," said Horrocks.

Horrocks admits getting rid of the animals is made tougher by the rate at which they reproduce, sometimes having three litters of eight to twelve piglets each every year.

The county has contracted hog removal companies multiple times over the past several years, and even conducted a hog hunt in 2012.