Concerns of prowler growing

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NORTH PORT, fla. - At least one resident near North Chamberlain Boulevard in North Port says she got a good look at man some say is peeking at young girls through their bedroom window.

Last week police received a reported sexual battery case on a 12-year-old girl by an unknown perpetrator in the same area.

Donna Carey says it started with a tap. "My daughter has been hearing this light tapping on her bedroom window since October."

After the last incident, Carey went outside to see for herself. "I came outside and turned the corner and I was only standing about two feet away from him. I was watching him watch my daughter for a good three to five seconds before he realized I was standing there."

She says both were stunned and then he made a run for it. "He flailed his arms and took off past me."

After asking those who live nearby she says she learned at least two others had similar encounters. "They also have a teenage daughter and saw a man standing outside watching."

Then a serious incident reported just a street away. "There was a little girl attacked right behind this house."

"I can't get into the nature of the case right now. Lets just say we are allocating all our resources that we have. We are taking this case very seriously." North Port Police Captain Tony Sirianni says all they have so far is a description of a white male wearing dark clothing, possibly in his 20's. Apparently targeting young females. Not even knowing if the report of sexual battery involving the young girl is related. "Officers are looking at all the cases of this nature in the area. Suspicious incidents, suspicious people and vehicles too. Trying to see the correlation of those reports"

Carey is going door to door letting neighbors know what she's seen. Telling her daughter she is determined to make sure everyone gets a good look at him soon enough. "All I could say to her is we are going to get him. I promised her that he is going to jail."

Police have sent out a Code Red Alert to residents living in the North Chamberlain area, asking them to keep their doors and windows locked and their blinds down. They say they've received more than a dozen leads so far in the case. They believe they may soon be able to release a sketch of the suspect.

If you see anything suspicious you are urged to give them a call at 429-7382