Beached boat's days could be numbered

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VENICE--For a boat named "Luna Sea", it's current predicament isn't just crazy, it's also heart wrenching.

"She's our home, everything we own is on the boat," said owner Stehpen Willis, "our last six years of working and investing and everything is on the boat."

Willis and his wife Jen were headed back to Sarasota from Islamorada last Wednesday when high winds and dangerous waves had them sending out an SOS.

"Probably ten to twelve foot seas," said Willis, "every time the boat would catch a wave and heel backwards you could pretty much look straight up at the sky."

After being rescued by the Venice fire department, the Willis's were safe but their boat ended up stranded on Venice Beach.

And now they say city leaders told them it's a public safety hazard that's got to go this week.

"They are pretty much letting us know that if she's not off the beach soon that they will have to come in with construction equipment and demolish the boat," said Willis.

Here's the problem: Luna Sea needs at least six feet of water to move in, but it's also got to clear a three foot sandbar offshore.

"Sea-Tow and Tow Boats U.S. have both come out and surveyed the situation and they say they just don't have enough horsepower to be able to do it," said Willis.

And if the boat won't budge, Willis knows that authorities most likely won't either, ultimately having to demolish the Luna Sea.

"That would basically leave us homeless," said Willis.