7 arrested at Caspersen Beach Park for exposing themselves

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VENICE, FL. - Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office detectives working in an undercover capacity at Caspersen Beach Park arrested seven men during a 3-day operation.

In each incident the men discussed having sex and exposed themselves to undercover detectives who were monitoring activity along the trails and near the waterway.

57-year-old Jay Aiello of Venice reportedly offered to show an undercover detective around the trails.  He then suggested they move off the path into a wooded area, where he exposed himself to the detective.

56-year-old Brian Pound of Venice reportedly was having a conversation with an undercover detective along the trails when he stated he wanted to play around and exposed himself.

76-year-old Richard Smithson of Venice reportedly asked if the undercover detective was a cop, then grabbed the detective's crotch and exposed himself.

49-year-old Gerald Clark reportedly was observed walking down the beach with his penis exposed.

45-year-old Eric Jacoby of Sarasota reportedly was in a conversation with an undercover detective along the trails and stated that he was "into sucking" and into "fur."  He then led the detective to a wooded area and exposed himself.

61-year-old Daniel McAvoy of North Port reportedly led an undercover detective to an area in the palmetto bushes near the beach and began exposing himself and touching himself.

And 63-year-old Donald Myrberg of North Port reportedly met an undercover detective near the public bathrooms and offered to head back into the woods, where he exposed himself.

All seven have been charged with one count each of Exposure of Sexual Organs, a misdemeanor.

Just last month, three men were arrested in the Venice area for various flashing incidents.

The Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office says it routinely conducts this type of operation in response to citizen complaints and they will continue to do so to ensure residents and visitors can enjoy the venue without encountering illegal activity at the public park.

52 people have now been arrested for indecent activity at this park by the Sarasota County Sheriff’s Office since January 2007.