'Silence Breakers' named Time 'Person of the Year'

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The #MeToo movement and the 'Silence Breakers' won recognition as Time’s 2017 Person of the Year, announced on NBC’s Today Show on Wednesday morning.

The #MeToo movement has led to a reckoning in American culture about the mistreatment of women, often by men in power.

On the cover of the magazine, a group of women are called "the Silence Breakers," including Ashley Judd, one of the women who accused media mogul Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment; former Uber engineer Susan Fowler and Taylor Swift, who sued a former radio host for groping her during a photo shoot.

The cover shot included a woman partially in the photograph, whose face is not seen. This was a purposeful choice.

“The image you see partially on the cover is of a woman we talked to… who doesn’t feel that she can come forward without threatening her livelihood,” explained Edward Felsenthal, Time editor in chief.

The movement started in 2016 after the release of a 2005 Access Hollywood recording of Trump making vulgar comments about women. When Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein was brought down by dozens of women charging him with sexual assault, thousands more women used the hashtag #MeToo to draw attention to the pervasive problem of sexual harassment.

The finalists for the 2017 Person of the Year included notorious world leaders and Twitter adversaries President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un.