Shark fishing may be banned on the Venice Fishing Pier

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"This is the number one spot. My favorite spot," said fisherman Justin Ho.

Justin Ho and his friends are Venice Pier regulars. They come mostly at night.

"I enjoy the beautiful nice breeze out here and also catching fish… it's really fun," said Ho.

But, the fishing may soon be limited. Venice's Mayor John Holic has put an agenda item on the next city council meeting to look at changing the city's fishing ordinance. The effort would be to ban shark fishing. Reason being… some damage has been caused to the pier.

"If you get a big hook and you swing it too far under you can catch that netting," said Public Works Director John Veneziano.

As it stands, Venice is the only local pier that allows shark fishing. This possible ordinance change would fall more in line with other communities, including Naples, that have banned the practice. It may not be simple; law enforcement would need to have increased patrols to enforce the law. Plus, local fisherman don't like the idea.

"This is a good spot for fishing, they should it allow any time," said Justin Ho.

Justin Ho fears this may be the beginning to banning fishing all together.

As city ordinances go, they usually require a public hearing before anything really changes. That would give the public an opportunity to speak to their council members and let them know how they feel about this potential ban.