Police practice for a school shooting at Braden River High

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BRADENTON, Fla. -- As we approach the new school year, law enforcement wants to make sure students stay safe in the classroom.

They are scenes etched in our memories—Columbine and Sandy Hook; students running for safety; police trying to protect the innocent.

A similar scene was played out at Braden River High School Thursday afternoon: A helicopter flying above, swat members in full gear and police cars racing to the scene.

Fortunately, this school shooting is just a simulation.

“This is one of the largest inner-agencies drills we have ever done in Manatee County,” said Jerome Ruffing of Manatee County EMS.

Officers from all around the county, EMS workers, firefighters, even the Red Cross were participating, gaining invaluable training in case the real thing happens.

“We want to be prepared at any time, but this has been a year in planning and getting everyone involved to make sure we have everyone in the best positions.”

A position no one wants to be in, but a necessary exercise nonetheless.

“I grew up in Manatee County and through the school system here. It's a sad reflection of the times, but realistic and something we have to prepare for.”

Preparing for the worse, but hoping for the best in this upcoming school year.