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Sarasota travelers feel uneasy about Allegiant Airlines

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - When Devon Rowe first heard SRQ had partnered with Allegiant Air, he was ecstatic. He says, "My family all in Indiana they use it quite a bit."

He even has a flight on Allegiant leaving from SRQ in less than a month, but after seeing a report on 60 minutes that questioned the airline safety record and conducting his own research. He says, "I was quite alarmed." 

So is former college professor of Airline Maintenance Byron Greenlaw. For 23 years, he's been a designated examiner for the FAA. He says, "I would not fly on Allegiant Airlines. They have a history of maintenance problems well know in the industry."

He says while major airlines hire their own maintenance people, low cost airlines like Allegiant outsource mechanical work

"You have a separate entity that is dealing with the maintenance. i think that may be part of the problem."

He points to airline changing the culture and their business model if they have any chance of surviving.

Additionally, he says the FAA may make a few changes as well.

"Now that it's public knowledge to this degree, I think that the FAA will go back and look at this at a much more stringent way."

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