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Sarasota family gets ballistic missile alert on vacation

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HONOLULU, HI (WWSB) - A family from Sarasota was vacationing in Hawaii, when they received a startling alert on their phones saying to take cover from a ballistic missile. 

The Biter family was travelling around the islands of Hawaii for the past week and their last day in Hawaii was one they will never forget. 

The Biter's were eating breakfast in the Trump hotel, when they got an alert saying that a missile was heading their way.

The family was skeptical of the alert, but decided to take action once they received a second alert. 

Jesse Biter said, "Of course we're staying at the Trump Hotel, which I have to imagine will be ground zero for rocket boy." 

They grabbed their friends that were staying down the hall and raced down to the hotel lobby.

Biter said that the hotel staff was just as confused as they were and didn't know what to do. 

The Biter's added that the lobby was filled with people crying, panicking and thinking that this is the end. 

40 minutes later a police officer came to the hotel telling people that the alert was a false alarm. 

It took the Biter family another 10 minutes to let this sink in and breathe a sigh of relief. 

"It was scary knowing  that we only had 20 minutes to prepare for the missile, we thought this was it" said Jesse Biter. 

The family will be returning to their home in Sarasota today.