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Sarasota district implements enhanced security measures at schools

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SARASOTA, FL (WWSB) - Just days away from the first day of school, the staff at Lakeview Elementary are working to make sure all students stay safe.

"It's really one entry now. People who want to come on campus have to come through the front office."

Principal Lisa Wheatley once had an open campus, but now there is fencing around the school, and security is a bit different.

And it's all due to the district's security enhancement to make sure no one gets on campus uninvited. Sarasota's Director of Safety and Security Micheal Andreas implemented these new procedures.

"We've introduced access control to certain doors, certain access ways. We've tied that in with fencing and in the case of Lakeview, an improved front office area which is a single point access."

Visitors will also be required to wear red lanyards when on school grounds--signifying who is an approved visitor. Officials say the color also shows up well on security cameras.

Andreas says it's just another precaution with more than 100,000 visitors coming into the schools throughout the school year.