Sarasota city commissioners approve funding for Marbut contract extension

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SARASOTA-  On Tuesday night, the Sarasota City Commission approved funding to keep Dr. Robert Marbut on board to address Suncoast homelessness.

Sarasota County sent a request to the City of Sarasota for funding which covers Dr. Marbut's contract extension, and environmental, feasibility, and due diligence studies on potential homeless shelters.

Dr. Marbut's contract extension is estimated to cost $83,654, while other project costs are estimated at $69,201.  With a total budget estimate of $152,855, the City has agreed to pay $76,427.50-- a 50% share.

Marbut's contract with the City of Sarasota and Sarasota County will end November 30th, 2014.